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Some Advice About Buying Japanese Docomo Cell Phones

We recently published a guide about purchasing Japanese phones on Ebay.It has many of the general questions that are often asked and summarized into one place.Please check it out here on Ebay herehttp://www.ebay.com/gds/Some-Advice-About-Buying-Japanese-Docomo-Cell-Phones-/10000000178890613/g.html?_pb=1Feel free to send a message on either site!

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Press release::Update on the new Xperia Z3 series

The presentation for the new Sony Xperia Z3 series was held yesterday at the IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany3 models were released to the public. There were the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. Also released was a variety of smartwear watches and There are all aimed for release around Autumn of this [...]

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SH-07F review of Docomo summer 2014 Flip top

The SH-07F is one of the recent summer releases for the Docomo Summer 2014 model range.It is a flip phone that comes in 4 great colors black, white and 2 very vibrant and lavish green and purple.With its 3.3 inch screen and 49mm thick body. This phone is a nice blend of a large screen [...]

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Android 4.4 for Docomo phones.

Hello everyone,This is a list of what handsets can be updated to Android 4.4 XperiaTM Z SO-02EXperia Z1 SO-01FXperia Z1 f SO-02FAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-01FARROWS NX F-01FARROWS Tab F-02FGalaxy S4 SC-04EGalaxy Note3 SC-01FGalaxy J SC-02FAny purchase made of these phones will automatically be upgraded to this version unless stated otherwise.Thanks again and happy shopping!

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Our new tracking system!

After discovering an error in our tracking system, we have decided to use a new software called Aftership.Once you get your tracking number please type it the Aftership search bar here to check your items status!http://www.mobile-japan.com/pages/contact-us/track-your-order.htmlOnce you have added the number click track and check out the result.Super easy and user friendly!!

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Docomo Sim Unlock and Repair Service

Our company has been offering a repair and unlocking service for the following issues.For Sim Unlock for Docomo Phones click hereRepairs for Docomo Phones click hereFor Screen repair services click hereUpdates for Software and OS on Docomo Phones click hereFree advice and information click hereWe have a great price range that varies from issue to issue so contact us here [...]

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A Sim free Japan for 2015

As recently reported by many media sites around Japan, the government has recently decided to push the big 3 cell phone networks of Softbank, Docomo and AU to unlock all their cellphones from around the middle of 2015.In the past Japan has been heavily protective of its domestic industries with heavy regulations that prevents customers [...]

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Urusei Yatsura and Regain energy drink.

Suntory new Regain energy drink has been released with a new campaign and by bringing back a truly cute anime character they have reinvented the product with a new out of this world twist.The drink Regain was well known in Japan for the slogan 24/7戦えますか (can you fight all day all night?) but as the [...]

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Sailor moon and Shibuya 109

Every young girl wanted to be a Sailor soldier from Sailor moon!Recently in Shibuya, there was a big advertising for her in collaboration with Shibuya 109 which is one of Japanese top shopping malls for girls!With there school girl inspired outfits these girls are still very much a popular part of Japanese society today! From Shibuya [...]

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Shake it like a Polaroid picture! The new selfie trend in Japan

Taking a "selfie" nowadays, as we all know is as common as the common cold. From President Obama, celebrities all around the world and the everyday you and me have caught on to this photo taking craze and phenomenon.Japan is no exception, with many new sites and applications dedicated to selfies or 自撮り(Jidori) and are springing up [...]

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