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Sim Free Japan 2015 Update

Sim free Japan 2015 updateThe Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced today the revised guidelines to the Phone sim lock system in Japan.They are intending to make all of the cellphone network carriers aheed to free unlocking of all phones for models sold from May 2015 (TBC)This means that previous models from all [...]

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​Sim Free Japan update: From Summer 2015 next year new models will be able to become sim free.

Sim Free Japan 2015 update  From Summer 2015 next year new models will be able to become sim free. The Japan Ministry of Internal affairs and communications have decided that all Summer 2015 models for all carriers are to abide to the new Sim free policy. Further details of the new system will be released on the 31st [...]

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Docomo GALAXY Note Edge SC-01G

With a worlds first release, Docomo will be releasing the brand new GALAXY Note Edge SC-01G within the Winter/Spring 2014-2015 range.Carrying on the great Galaxy Note name, the phone is designed with a large high detailed screen and s touch pen, along with the new curving screen taking it to the edge. This becomes a great sub-display [...]

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Galaxy S5 Active SC-02G

Continuing with the first ever water and dust proof Galaxy S5, Docomo has released the sturdy, strong and US military approved and rated 「MIL-STD-810G」 Galaxy S5 Active.Along with being water and dust proof, the phone has also been tested and cleared usage withing extreme environments of heat, cold and high humidity. The body has been reinforced for [...]

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Sim Free Japan 2015 update

Great news on the world of Japanese cell phones The Japanese governments Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications stated at a special section meeting that from next year they will be significant changes to the cellphone sim unlock policy in Japan. However, a set time cooling off period will be necessary to help the shift from [...]

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Docomo Winter/Spring 2014/2015 Range and overview

With the upcoming release of the Docomo Winter/Spring range coming here is what you can expect to see coming out! 7 smart phones, 2 tablets and 2 flip top models will be available for unlocking and usage for overseas! Lets take a look at each model now! For more information please contact us directly at our [...]

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Fujitsu Arrows NX F-02G review

Check out our product link here!http://www.mobile-japan.com/products/docomo-unlocked-fujitsu-arrows-nx-f-02g.htmlWith the upcoming Docomo Fall/Autumn release, Fujitsu has revealed its lastets flagship model, the F-02G.The successor of the ARROWS NX series of the F-01F this third generation model continues the trend great high spec,powerful but easy to use handsets.In the past the ARROWS NX series has released phones mainly for [...]

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Docomo Winter/Spring 2014-2015 range and announcement

New Docomo Winter Spring 2014 Range has been announced!Some of the new models will be released for the coming seasons here!Galaxy S5 Active SC-02GGalaxy Note Edge SC-01GArrows NX F-02GXperia Z3 SO-01GAquous Zeta SH-01GXperia Z3 Compact SO-02GDisney mobile on Docomo SH-02Gdocomo TabletArrows Tab F-03GGalaxy Tab S 8.4 SC-03GDocomo feature phones (keitai flip top)P-01GN-01GYou can read up [...]

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Setting up your APN settings on your Docomo Phone

Your new Docomo phone has just arrived in the mail!You are getting more and more excited as you tear through the overly packed project and you rush to place your sim inside and then to your shock you see you are getting no signal! Were you get tricked? should you write an angry email? Should [...]

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Softbank is releasing a great new USA roaming plan. アメリカ放題!!

Softbank is moving into America with its all you use plan!On the 17th of September, Softbank announced that it will be releasing a special roaming plan for the iPhone 6 to be used over in America for its Japanese customers.The plan will cost only 980 yen with the user being able to use their phone [...]

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