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Advice and tips for docomo phones

Some Tips and Friendly advice about buying and using Docomo Phones!

We have made this guide to help you make a decision about purchasing a Japanese Docomo Phone (Smart phone or flip phone) so you can avoid some issues along the way and find the best one for you!

 Check out each one chapter by chapter and find out the necessary information you need!

1. Pro's and Con's of Japanese Docomo Phones

2. Unlocking your Docomo Phone

3. LTE, 3G and GSM on Docomo Phones

4. How to get your Docomo phone repaired 

5. Using Docomo Phones with your local cellphone carrier

6. Updating and upgrading your Japanese phones OS and software

7. Japanese phones are Japanese made?

8. Changing your language on Japanese Phones

9. How to set up your APN on Japanese Phones

10. The current situation of Sim free Phones in Japan